Heritage Attractions 


Pickup in Kandy and start the tour visiting Tooth Relic Temple  with Driver  guide.  Next excursion is optional,

1. Boat Ride in Lake, visit the Sacred city of Kandy.
2. Visit Royal Botanical Garden3. Visit Religious Temples Gadaladeniya, Embekka ( World's most amazing ancient     wood engravings ) and Lanka Thilaka.


Dambulla Cave Temple (Golden Temple of Dambulla). This is on of largest cave temple in Sri Lanka. Temple is filled with many statues, 153 Buddha statues, 3 Kings statues and 4 gods and goddesses. There is a trek known as The Hiriwaduna, this is optional. You can experience the village life, transportation by bullock cart, cultivation.


Next step is climb the Rock Fortress Sigiriya. Sigiriya (Lion's Rock) is a large ancient rock fortress and palace ruin in the central Matale District. This giant rock is surrounded by the network of gardens, reservoirs and other structures. Sigriya also hold the worlds famous ancient paintings. The lions gate was amazing architecture shows the capability of the engineering of ancient people. You can visit a Batik shop in Sigiriya.


As the second capital of Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa is most important and amazing city in the country. Gal vihara was beauty of engineering in ancient history. Vatadage, Potgul Vihara also reminds the competence of ancient people.  Parakrama Samudraya (The largest tank of the country) is situated at here , at the side of the city.


We arrange many places to visit in Anuradhapura, Anuradhapura was the first capital of the Sri Lanka. The city caries its own worth with Buddhist cultural and religious value for the fast 2500 years. The whole city build by the ancient empires. There are many tanks to hold water for the paddy fields and other cultivations expertise. Basavakkulama, Kala Weva, Nuwara Weva, Thisa Weva and many tanks are also situated at this city..

Hill Country Attractions 

Nuwara Eliya Highlight & Stay 

Nuwara Eliya the highest located city in the country with cold climate. This place caries the best and amazing landscapes and beautiful views, flowers, waterfalls, hills, misty mountains, green forests, botanic gardens, parks  and many beautiful natural things. Gardens are filled with colourful and beautiful flowers. During this tour you can visit many of these places with our knowledge guide. Place is surrounded by tea plantation. you can experience visiting tea plantaion, tea pucking with tea pluckers. and also visit tea factories to see the proccess.

Bandarawela and Ella Highlights & Stay

Bandarwela is an other known and popular place for tourism with green and beautiful tea plantations, waterfalls and hills .Ella offers breathless scenery and intimate wildlife. Trekking in Ella make you to feel the lifestyle of the people who live and farm in this scenic mountainous region of the island. With our guide you will have to walk through small village and agricultural areas and paddy fields. You can meet the people of this place and talk to farmers and enjoy the local life style.  Also the little Adam's Peak is situated at Ella.

Adams Peak and Kitulgala Highlights & Stay

Adam's Peak is situated in the south west corner of the central mountain region Sri Lanka. This pointy mountain is 2243 meters high. The place is valuable Buddhist religious place in country. Because Lord Buddha has placed his foot print on the summit of this sacred mountain in his 3rd visit. The place is surrounded by green rain forest with cold temperature. All the main rivers of the country is starting at this point. This  is the best place to view central highlights of the country.

National Park Safari 

Minneriya National Park 

Starting tour with knowledge and well experience guide. Minneriya National park is situated between Habarana and Polonnaruwa with 8890 hectares. Ancient Minneriya Tank is one of main symptom in this forest.  This place you can see sambar deer, leopards, elephants, crocodiles and many animals including birds. An other favorite is elephant gathering. During dry season there are 150 to 200 company of elephants.

Horton plains National Park 

Horton Plains National Park can located above 2,500 meters in the hill country of Sri Lanka with different temperature. This is an other UNESCO site. Place and it's wilderness is highly protected. World's End is also situated at this place. Many kind of Animals, Natural clean water, Waterfalls, and many things to see and visit in here. This is a walk journey like hiking.

Yala National Park 

Yala East National Park. Although Yala East National Park is the twin of Yala West (Yala Ruhuna National Park), access from one to other is hindered by the River Kumbukkan Oya that flows separating these twin sanctuaries. Similar to popular Yala West in terrain, Yala East too is home to leopards and other large mammals. The sanctuary supports a sizable elephant population, though herds are smaller than Yala West.

Bundala National Park 

Bundala National Park is popular destination for wild tourism. Always can see many animals such as deer, pangolin, grey langur monkey, leopards and sea turtles in unusual times. Amazing lagoon is fully filled with birds. This place is a birds sanctuary for bird-watchers, the perfect thing is there are many kind of crocodiles live in Bundala.

Udawalawe National Park 

You can get a personal magical experience at Udawalawe National  Park. This place is one of major eco tourism destination in Sri Lanka. Place is famous for the elephants. During this visit you can see adult and young elephants and their activities. Such as Feeding, Bathing, Playing. We visit this place by 4WD open-top safari. Because it is the only and safety way to experience amazing wild life. 

Beach's Attractions


Negambo Beach & Stay

Negambo beach is perfect and ideal place can quickly access the airport. Negambo is a lagoon situated by the shores.

Trincomalee/ Nilaweli Beach & Stay

We head to the Trincomalee, which is the beautiful natural harbor in the island. Also on of the largest natural harbors in the world. You can get multicultural experience in here. This lovely sea is with whales, sharks, dolphins.

Pasikuda Beach & Stay

Pasikuda is one of known shallow coastline in the world, This place is perfect tor Sun-bathe and shallow swimming. Golden sand beach is creating wonderful view and incredible sight.

Arugam Bay Beach & Stay

One of most popular surfing destination situated at east coast. Sea wave of Arugam Bay is perfect for surfing. .

Unawtuna Beach & Stay

Unawatuna beach is a famous beach in the country. The place is fast growing tourist destination, mostly for its undisturbed natural beauty. Very beautiful sea sight with white tiny sand.

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